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Bowhunter Education

In April of 1999, the UBP became a founding sponsor of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Advanced Bowhunter Education Program. Our $8,000 contribution to this program brought us one step closer to our goal of mandatory bowhunter education in Pennsylvania for first time bowhunters.

This course is an adaption of the NBEF Basic Bowhunter Education Course. The IBEP basic course is now required in 17 states and five Canadian provinces including nearby New York and New Jersey. The course covers your responsibility as a bowhunter, shot placement, blood trailing, and many other topics.

Studies show that IBEP graduates have a 25 percent success rate over a two-year period compared to 11.4 percent for non-graduates. Many UBP members are IBEP Instructors. Many more are graduates. We invite you to join them.