UBP Crossbow Policy

The United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania (UBP) recognizes crossbows as a viable hunting tool; evidenced by the fact that we have always supported the use of crossbows in PA by the truly disabled and those physically unable to draw a bow.

The UBP also recognizes the significant fundamental differences between crossbows and more traditional bows that we define as being “hand held, hand drawn and hand released” while in the presence of game without the aid of a range compensating scope. These and other operational differences make crossbows a significantly more effective hunting tool; and as such should be managed independently, not unlike inline muzzleloaders are managed independently from flint locks for the same reasons.

The UBP has always maintained a “resource first” policy, putting our personal preferences second to what is best for the natural resources enjoyed by all hunters. The UBP will continue to advocate for sound game management practices based on this policy. We welcome all sportsmen and women who share our sense of stewardship towards Pennsylvania’s natural resources to join the UBP regardless of your weapon of choice. 


Crossbows are generally welcome at UBP or affiliated events. However, they may be restricted or prohibited based on the wishes the sponsoring club, landowner, event coordinator or any sponsoring entity.  Contact the UBP office for more information on specific events.