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UBP Leadership

To Preserve, Promote, and Protect - Since 1985


President - Rick Conley (Term ends 6/20) | rickconley@primarystaffing.com

Vice President - Sam Nelson (Term ends 6/20) | SNelson@keystoneind.com

Treasurer - Joe Minich (Term ends 6/21) | jminich@md-cpas.com

Recording Secretary - Curt Mills (Term ends 6/21) | cmills27@yahoo.com


Board of Directors

Bob Klinger (Term ends 6/20) | raklinger33@gmail.com

Brock Waldron (Term ends 6/20) | dirtydigger@hotmail.com

Christopher Wilson (Term ends 6/21) | 717bowhunter@gmail.com

Dick Koch (Term ends 6/21) | dickhunt@ptd.net

Brian Thompson (Term ends 6/21) | hoytarchery@hotmail.com

Open Seat


Directors at Large

Ned Connelly | nc2orion@comcast.net

Art Keefer | rchery51@yahoo.com


UBP Legislative Committee Chairman

Tom Redfern | redferntwr@gmail.com


Office Manager & Club Shoot Schedule Editor

Patrick Schild | ubofpa@yahoo.com



Christopher Wilson | 717bowhunter@gmail.com


Social Media Committee

Christopher Wilson | 717bowhunter@gmail.com

Patrick Schild | ubofpa@yahoo.com

Patty Sager | patriciassager@aol.com

Tom Redfern | redferntwr@gmail.com


Pennsylvania Bowhunting Magazine Editor

Amy Klinedinst | amymike@comcast.net


To reach the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, please contact the Office Manager:  United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, 907 Derbyshire Avenue, Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania 17055.  Phone: (800) 279-2024 (In PA Only)  Email:  ubofpa@yahoo.com.  If there is no answer, please leave a clear and detailed message.