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At the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to our mission to the Preserve, Promote, and Protect bowhunting opportunities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We support game management based on sound biological principles and a "resource first" philosophy.  The UBP was founded in the spring of 1985 by a group of dedicated bowhunters who desired to unite all of Pennsylvania's bowhunters into one organization with a mission to fight the growing anti-hunting movement.  Now the UBP is the longest-lasting and most influential bowhunting organization in the Commonwealth. 

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HARRISBURG, PA - Pennsylvania’s buck harvest increased 10 percent, and the overall deer harvest also was up 10 percent, in the state’s 2017-18 hunting seasons, which closed in January, the Pennsylvania Game Commission reported on 3/20/18.

Read more about it here: PA GAME COMMISSION 2017-2018 DEER HARVEST REPORT

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