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Programs & Activities

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Community Oriented Programs

The United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania participates in, sponsors, and supports many community activities such as:

  • National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)
  • PA Youth Education Hunter Challenge (YHEC)
  • Adopt-A-Highway
  • PGC Youth field Days
  • Hunters Sharing the Harvest
  • UBP Disabled hunters Program

Fellowship Activities

The United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania arranges fellowship weekends and days throughout the year to which all UBP members and their guests are invited.  These include:

  • Annual Winter Rendezvous and Banquet
  • Family Campout Shoots (East & West)
  • Archery Golf Shoots
  • District Banquets
  • 3D Shoots throughout the state conducted by the UBP and participating UBP club sponsors.

Fun, fellowship, and good food are are enjoyed by all.  In addition, these functions serve as membership and fundraisers for the UBP.


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Pennsylvania game commission

Perhaps the best reason to become a UBP member is representation to the PGC and state legislature. The UBP provides testimony on behalf of its membership at PA Game Commission meetings and legislative hearings. The UBP makes itself available to the policy makers in Harrisburg as a resource on bowhunting related issues.

Click HERE to view the Legislative Director's page for all news and updates on all legislative issues in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that concern bowhunting related issues.