Pennsylvania Bowhunting

The Official Quarterly Publication of the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania.

UBP Policy on Publishing Stories in PA Bowhunting

Pennsylvania Bowhunting Spring 2018

The United Bowhunters of PA welcomes all articles and information submitted to the editor for publication.  All submissions should be e-mailed to the UBP office at ubofpa@yahoo.com or submitted on disc or CD, and should be double-spaced with an emphasis placed upon a minimum of word content necessary to present the subject matter, and should not exceed 700 words.  The UBP reserves the right to edit any and all submissions for clarity, content, or length; and also reserves the right to reject any submission.

There are times when legislative and other information will be time sensitive to the membership. As such there will be times when member submitted stories or articles may have to be held for future issues. Adding more pages to the newsletter results in higher printing and postage costs.  If you don't see your article in the current issue we will attempt to include it in a future issue.  Photographs submitted for publication should be sent in protected and reinforced packaging, and should be accompanied by a note indicating if they are to be returned.  We would suggest the inclusion of a SASE for return. 

Digital Photographs and Scanning: Photographs must be clear and can be black and white prints, color prints, or digital images. Digital images must have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi (300 dpi is best). Check your digital camera specs before assuming the output will be suitable.  Good quality photographs are needed for the cover of each issue.  If you use photographs other than your own, show written permission for publication in Pennsylvania Bowhunting.  When you send your manuscript, include any letters of permission.  If you have any questions concerning what is permissible to publish, please don?t hesitate to contact the editor.  Remember, when taking photos of your bow kill harvest, it is best to show the animal with minimal blood and as neat as possible, preferably with the hunter and hunting equipment. (And don't forget your UBP hat and shirt!) 

Article Reprints: 
If your article has been printed in another publication, please show written permission for the UBP to reprint it.  Most times this can be obtained fairly easily by calling or writing the original publisher.